Night Vision Video Recorder

Night Vision Video Recorder is the ONLY professional night vision app that supports picture and HD video recording. Root NOT required.

Night Vision Video Recorder is the ONLY professional night vision app that supports picture and HD video recording. Features high fidelity color enhancement to give you truly spectacular images. Built using 10+ years of imaging technology expertise, this app brings robust, professional grade low light vision technology to your phone. Use it in the evenings for superior contrast images. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

ROOT is NOT required.

Download from Google Play here.


  • Features high fidelity color enhancement. Maintains ALL colors in the image unlike other “green” apps in the market
  • Easy to use slider to adjust sensitivity from low light to very dark conditions
  • Click high resolution pictures upto 8 megapixels
  • Record full HD video depending on your device capability
  • Features front and back camera
  • Click pictures while video recording is in progress
  • Supports camera zoom and flash capability
  • Customization for shutter sound
  • Designed for phones and tablets


  • Night camera
  • Night vision camera
  • Spy video recording
  • Low light video recorder
  • Secret video recording
  • Surveillance camera


Frequently asked questions


  • Is Root required?

No. Root is NOT required for this app.


  • I cannot record video on my device
  • Video recording shows error

While the app works on most phone, video recording is ONLY supported on Android versions 4.3+. That is Jellybean 4.3 and Kitkat for now. Sorry, but we are working on supported older versions but it is more likely that you will get a newer version of the phone before we can support backward compatibility.

If video recording has an error on your device, we get notified using the built in crash handler. We will work on fixing it quickly. Thanks for being patient.


  • How to save to external SD card?
  • How to save to SD card?
  • Videos are saved to phone memory, but I want to store videos to the removable card

Android is really bad about supporting external SD cards and does not provide API methods to save things to the external SD card. So phone manufacturers add the SD card option themselves. As a result the path is different on each phone. Samsung changes the path to the external SD card even between different models of its own phones!
Anyway, follow the following steps to store videos to the SD card.

  1. Download a free app Android File Manager. It can be downloaded from Google Play store here.
  2. Launch the app. On top, there is a bar with buttons. Slide the buttons until you see, EXTERNAL SD CARD. Click it.
  3. On the topmost bar, you should see the path to the external SD card. For example, on my Galaxy SII it is /storage/sdcard1. Note this path on a piece of paper. Remember this path is case sensitive. So /storage/sdcard1 and /storage/Sdcard1 are not the same paths.
  4. Go to Settings and go the Video Folder option. Type the path noted from step 3. And add “/night”. So in the example above, the path to type would be /storage/sdcard1/svrc.
  5. Record video with app and make ensure that files are saved to the external SD card.


  • Some of my videos are corrupt?
  • My videos don’t play
  • Videos play with green lines

Perhaps the video resolution you have selected is not supported. Please choose a different setting in Video Quality in Settings. You should also uninstall the app and reinstall to reset everything to default.


  • Video does not focus correctly
  • Video is out of focus
  • Videos are blurred

Please choose a different value for Focus Mode in Settings.

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